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8 Reasons A Food Dehydrator Should Be In Your Kitchen

Are you a health conscious person who likes to make their own snacks or would like to save money? Then a food dehydrator is a great addition to your kitchen. If you’re on the fence about weather or not you want to buy one here is some good reasons to make the investment;

Save Money On Your Food Bill

When ever there is something in season or on special at your farmers market or grocery store than you can buy in bulk and dry whatever you can’t eat to save for later. The healthy snacks that you make will work out to be cheaper than store bought alternatives.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Your not exactly going to dehydrate processed food and you wouldn’t need to considering all the preservatives that goes into them. Rather than having the pantry full of junk food you can fill it with dried treats that you make yourself.

Don’t Waste Anything From The Garden

Did your garden produce much more food than you thought? You could juice those extra tomatoes or give them away or you could make your own dried tomatoes for your next pasta dish. If you dry and store them properly they will last for a long time.

Make Your Own Dried Herbs

When you buy dried herbs and spices from the supermarket it is very rare to find any that are organic, who knows what has been sprayed onto your herbs. With a dehydrator you have the piece of mind of knowing that the herbs wen’t straight from your garden to your dehydrator with out any carcinogens added.

Expand Raw Food Options 

I am sure you all know that kale is a super food, but have you ever tried eating it as is? It is very chewy and does not taste very pleasant. You really need to cook it or add it to a smoothie and use fruit to disguise the flavor. With a dehydrator you can make delicious kale chips, there is all sorts of recipes floating around online, so you do not need to destroy nutrients by cooking it.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Every know and then you crave something sweet, so instead of damaging your health with sugar laden candy you can eat some tasty fruit leather, banana chips, dried mango etc. You know that your dried fruit will not have added preservatives or sugar. It is ridiculous how some companies add sugar to dried fruit!

Make Your Own Jerky

I love beef jerky but it is very difficult to find pre made jerky that does not have preservatives and flavor enhancers added. Make your own with grass feed organic beef if you can, then marinade to taste with your home made marinade or a store bought variety.

Food For Your Survival Kit

Dehydrated foods are a great thing to put in your ‘bug out bag’ as it is light weight alternative to canned food. It is also great for camping or hiking. Even if you store food at home for emergency situations dried food stored in mason jars is a healthier alternative to canned food as canned food leaks chemicals into your food.

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