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8 Amazing Health Benefits of “Rose Apple” Fruit

Rose apples is a type of fruit name which might mislead you that is linked to apples or roses. Rose Apple is a popular fruit grows in Southeast Asia. Rose apple fruits can also be known as the wax jambu, water apple and also bell fruit. Rose apple has the taste of a rose petal hence the name rose apple.

Rose apple is enriched with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, with a tasty skin and crunchy flesh, the seed cannot be consumed but does have some benefits too when grounded to powder. Rose apples are full with dietary fiber, vitamin A and C, calcium, niacin, thiamin, sulfur, iron, and potassium.

8 Interesting Rose Apples Health Benefits


For hundreds of years, rose apple decoctions have been used as a diuretic substance, which helps to clear out liver and kidney toxicity, while also boosting the overall health and metabolic efficiency of the body.

Immune System

The active an volatile components in rose apple have been linked to having antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects. Research has shown that it can protect the skin from developing various infections and can boost the strength of the immune system against infection diseases.

Increase fertility

Probably still rarely hear that the rose apple to maintain and improve fertility for men. Water guava contains vitamin C, known as antioxidants can maintain healthy body cells, including maintaining healthy sperm cells that have been damaged.

Control diabetes

An organic compound Jambosine, found in rose apple, is found to be very effective against diabetes. It is an alkaloid that regulates the conversion of starch into sugar controlling the sugar levels in the body and helping the people with reduced pancreatic activity as in the case of diabetes. Further a low glycemic index of rose apple aids in lowering the sugar levels making it beneficial for diabetics.

Healthy Heart

The combination of fiber and nutrients in the Rose Apple has shown a significant effect on cholesterol levels. In research studies leading to a lower likelihood of atherosclerosis of rose water, thus preventing cardiovascular complications such as heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

Breast Cancer Protection

Medical research claim that breast and prostate cancer is decreased by including rose apples to your diet. Additionally, the latest research of dietary fat as well as breast cancer demonstrated just a minor reduction in the potential risk of unpleasant breast cancer for ladies who consumed a low-fat diet.


For hundreds of years, stew Rose Apple has been used as a diuretic agent, which helps to cleanse the liver and kidney toxicity. In addition, to improve the overall health and efficiency of the body’s metabolism.


The high fiber substance of rose apples health benefits makes them for controlling the way of food by your digestive area, easing impairment and more severe health conditions. Also, in traditional medicine, the rose apples seeds have been employed to stop diarrhea and infectious disease.


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