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7 Little Known Tips to Slimmer Thighs

Doing squats regularly isn’t the secret to getting slim, toned, and firm thighs. In fact, some exercises can make your thighs big and bulky.

The most important thing is to reduce body fat percentage. Women get slim thighs at approximately 18 percent body fat. That said, there are things you can start doing today to make your thighs firmer and slimmer.

Do more cardiovascular exercises

Cardio is great for your thighs because it burns fat without increasing muscle mass. Now, increasing muscles mass is not bad – it boosts metabolism and enhances fat loss. But realize that more muscles in your thighs will make your legs appear bigger.

Exercise at moderate intensity – run fast but don’t sprint. Jumping rope, jumping jacks, running, and mountain climbers are some of the exercises that can help slim your thighs.

Don’t overdo squats and lunges

Squats and lunges are great for building thigh muscles. And they can actually make your thighs slimmer. But if you overdo them your thighs will end up being bigger and bulky.

Start doing these exercises more once you’ve reduced body fat percentage. They’ll make your thighs toned and firm. For now, don’t lower body resistance exercises more than twice a week.

Reduce water retention

Most folks assume that water retention only affects the belly. But it affects the whole body, including the thighs.

Have your pants ever been tight one day and loose the next? Well, blame water retention! To get rid of it you need to drink enough water, exercise regularly, and reduce salt intake. Here’s an article on water retention and bloating.

Cut back on sugar

Your diet will determine whether your thighs will become slim or not. And avoiding processed foods and sugary beverages make it easier to slim down.

Cutting back on sugar won’t just slim your thighs, it will improve your overall health. As you may know, high sugar intake causes insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes.

Take measurements

You can’t know if an approach is working unless you track progress. Wrap a tape around your thighs and take measurements. Take these measurements once a week and make sure you wrap the tape on same spot every time.

Be patient

Realize that spot reduction is not possible. So leg exercises won’t necessarily reduce fat in the thighs. To lose all the excess fat in the thighs you have to lose fat in the entire body.

Be realistic when setting your goals. If you expect a miraculous transformation you will end up being disappointed.

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