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7 healthy summer dishes

As the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out more and more, we all have the desire to get out on the patio and have a few drinks with friends. Unfortunately, this also coincides with shirtless weather and plenty of drinking doesn’t exactly lend itself to the perfect beach body. We might start to get a little lax about our diet as well as we start to eat out more or party with friends.

If you want 7 simple, healthy summer dishes that will keep that fat off, listen up!

1.Grilled shrimp Souvlaki: This Greek dish combines seafood, veggies, and plenty of nutritious herbs for a delicious meal that is jammed with fiber and healthy nutrients.

2.Grilled salmon and couscous: Salmon is one of the best foods for your body. It’s full of omega-3’s and stuffed with other healthy fats and proteins. Substitute couscous for rice, and you have a healthy alternative filled with fiber.

3.Filet Mignon salad: Add tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and cheese to this salad and you have a forkful of iron, protein and plenty of veggies in each bite. This type of meat is also low in fat content so it’s a perfect choice to throw on the barbeque when the weather gets nice!

4.Beef kebabs: Speaking of barbequing, kebabs are next on the menu. All you need are a few skewers, some low-fat beef, peppers, potatoes, and any other vegetables you want to throw in there. You can also had okra for a vitamin-A kick and plenty of flavour. This is probably one of the lowest calorie barbeques you will do all year!

5.Salmon burger: If you really are craving a burger, why not make it a salmon burger. Salmon is a great alternative to beef because it’s lower in fat and higher in healthy fats and rich in vitamins. Throw a few Japanese breadcrumbs, ginger, and sesame seeds on their for a twist on a classic. This is one of the few burgers you are going to be able to keep under 500 calories!

6.Gazpacho: This tangy soup is perfect for an appetizer or accompaniment for a salad and some multigrain bread. It’s packed with vitamin C and not to mention, it’s delicious!

7.Soft tacos: Soft tacos have been a growing trend and rightfully so, they’re awesome! Throw some spiced chicken, cilantro, chilies, and veggies into a soft taco shell and you have yourself, a low calorie, high protein meal.

Make sure you keep your body in shape this summer so you’re not embarrassed to take of your shirt at the beach. It’s going to be long and hot so you may as well enjoy it while you can!

Thomas works as a health consultant at Kaizen Dental in Richmond, BC and loves travelling and freelance writing in his free time.

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