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6 Ways Drinking Red Wine Can Help Prevent Cancer

Have you heard that red wine slows aging? This is due to a compound resveratrol, found in red wine. It is also found in grape fruits skins.

Well, this compound can also help you lower risk of cancer. All you need to do is drink a glass of red wine every night.

Resveratrol is a strong antioxidant classified as a polyphenol. Research has proven that polyphenols boost immune function, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, and prevent different cancers.

Now let’s look into how resveratrol can prevent cancer and benefits your health.

6 ways red wine (resveratrol) helps prevent cancer

1. Resveratrol boosts mitochondrial activity

Mitochondrial are powerhouses of the cell. They produce the energy we need to perform metabolic functions within cells and entire body. Resveratrol benefits mitochondrial because it reduces inflammation.

Boosting mitochondrial function can hinder growth of tumors and cause cancer cells to die.

2. Resveratrol affects our genes

Resveratrol slows aging because it affects our genes. This compounds pauses cells cycle which consequently allows DNA repair. As a result, most damaged cells will be repaired and there will be lower risk of cancer.

This study found that cells live longer with resveratrol. In fact, it increases some cells longevity by up to 70 percent.

3. Resveratrol regulates blood sugar levels

Studies show that resveratrol helps regulate blood sugar levels. This leads to less inflammation, balanced hormones, better insulin sensitivity, fat loss, and lower risk of diseases.

4. Resveratrol helps kill cancer cells

For one thing, resveratrol suppresses Kappa Beta (NF-KB), which causes inflammation and promotes growth of cancer cells. Research also shows that resveratrol also helps kill cancerous cells.

5. Resveratrol blocks cancer pathways

Research shows that resveratrol suppress pathways and lowers risk of breast cancer. Studies also shows it can prevent pathways in prostate, skin, liver, colon, and pancreas cancer.

6. Resveratrol fights inflammation                                      

Inflammation increases risk of cancer, heart disease and so on. Luckily, resveratrol has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce risk of diseases.

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