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6 Simple Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Breathe in, breathe out, instruction, an exercise we have repeatedly heard whether we are panicking, stressed out, or simply trying to get fitter. But, what happens when this very air that you breathe in is polluted, infected, and can be the cause of various ailments? Breathing itself becomes a hazard, and your health takes the downhill route. Fresh air is an important ingredient in maintaining health and wellness. Most people have realized the importance of keeping the air in their homes pure, and free of allergens and toxic substances.

If you are not sure about the air quality in your house yet, purchase an air quality testing kit to find out its content and composition, and take steps to improve the quality of air in your house.

Here are a few things you can do to improve indoor air quality:

1. Ventilate and Let in Lot of Fresh Air

Natural ventilation is essential for any home. The air outside is healthier than the air we breathe at home. There are a lot of toxic substances that are present in the air that circulates in your house. Pollution and allergen concentration also peaks under certain circumstances, like, when you bring a new furniture home or are applying a fresh coat of paint.

Besides these, day-to-day things like cooking, using air fresheners, using scented hand soaps, etc. make the air dangerous and toxic. A lot of these products emit gasses that are actually volatile organic compounds, (VOC’s).These substances suspended in the air makes it unfit for breathing.

To rectify this situation, get into the habit of opening your windows frequently. Open your windows around 5 to 7 times daily. When there are other external sources of pollution present in the home, increase the frequency of keeping your windows open and letting in the fresh air.

2. Clean Your Home Regularly  

The quality of air inside the house can deteriorate if you do not clean your house regularly. Dust is always present in the house. When you don’t clean frequently, this dust settles in and becomes an invisible dense den of carbon dioxide, VOC’s and other harmful gasses. Vacuuming your house thrice a week is a must. Use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction, rotating brushes (to pull the dust out of the corner), and a filter that won’t let the dust particles blown back into the exhaust. Pay special attention to walls, carpet edges, and upholstered furniture while vacuuming. Don’t forget to wash the filters regularly.

Use a large doormat on every door to prevent dirt from entering the house. Mop the floors once a week. Mopping picks up the dust and dirt that lingers behind after vacuuming.

Also, remember to clean and replace the filters in the heating and cooling system regularly to cut down the contaminants in the air. It is important to keep the place you are living in, tidy and clean, to maintain the quality of indoor air.

3. Keep Humidity Levels in Check

Mold and mildew pollute the air and produce allergens and mycotoxins that can lead to some side effects like skin and eye irritations, running nose, throat infections and even asphyxiation and asthma in older people and small children.

Purchase a dehumidifier and control the moisture levels in the house. Attempt to keep it below 50%. You can do this by adhering to a few simple things. Keep the window open when bathing, arecooking, or running the dishwasher. Make sure that theisno water leaks and accumulation in the house. Fix the plumbing. Proper ventilation in damp areas is important to steer clear of mold, dust mites, and cockroaches. Empty your air conditioner’s drip pans.

 4. Keep a Lot of Green Plants

Having certain plants in your house can help reduce VOC’s and improve air quality significantly. The NASA Clean Air Study done a few years ago revealed a set of plants that can purify your indoor air substantially. These plants filter the air, and eliminate toxic substances like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene. The roots and foliage absorb certain VOC’s as well. However, take care to ensure your toddlers and pets do not ingest these plants.

5. Avoid Smoke Within the House As Much As Possible

Time and again, we are warned of the dangers of smoking, and how it is not good for us. Turns out, it is really bad for our homes too. If you are serious about keeping the air in your house pure, stop smoking indoors, and ask friends and family who are smokers to go out and do it.

It’s not just cigarettes you need to be weary of. Candles and fireplaces too release pollutants that deteriorate air quality. The solution lies in in using nontoxic candles, and cured and dried wood fireplaces. Make it a point also, to have your chimney and flute inspected and cleaned regularly.

6. Opt for Separate Shoes and Slippers for Your House

A lot of us wear our outdoor shoes at home too. Stop this practice. Wearing the shoes you wear outside, in your home is a big way of bringing a lot of bacteria, dirt and dust home. Instead, remove these shoes when you come home. Keep a pair of comfy slippers at the entrance, that is strictly for home. You can easily slip into them as you enter. It will be an important step in maintaining the quality of air in the house.

To Conclude,

You may not be able to bring home the natural, pristine and fresh air of a clear spring morning to your home, but you can surely take a few steps to make the air in your home healthier for yourself and your family. Fresh, good quality air is absolutely essential for good health. It impacts our physical and mental state of mind. So get a air quality testing kit, find out your home air quality, and take appropriate measures to improve the air situation and quality.

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