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6 Little-Known Reasons You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

Have you tried every trick but the belly fat won’t budge? Well, it’s not your fault. Most of the advice out there is misleading. Once you do the right things belly fat will melt away fast.

Reducing calorie intake and exercising regularly isn’t the solution to stubborn belly fat. There are a lot of factors that affect belly fat. Below are 7 reasons you’re not losing belly fat.

You’re doing 1000s of crunches

Doing lots of crunches won’t help eliminate belly fat – it’ll only help strengthen the core. Spot reduction is not possible. You have to do full body exercises to burn fat fast.

Training bigger muscle groups burns more calories than training abs. So make sure your routine focuses on legs, butt, arms and back muscles.

You overeat fats

Healthy fats are good for your health, but they’re also loaded with calories. One large avocado has 400 calories and one cup of almonds has 530 calories.

Eat fats in moderation and avoid processed fats since they contain omega 6s which cause inflammation.

You still drink diet soda

Research shows that people who drink diet soda gain belly fat three times more than those who don’t drink. You see, artificial sweeteners cause inflammation and slow metabolism.

Avoid calorie-containing beverages – including fresh fruit juice. Drink lots of water instead.

You get 5 hours of sleep

Studies show that not getting enough sleep can add a few pounds on your waistline. In one study, people who slept for 5 hours or less had more belly fat than people who slept for 6 to 8 hours.

Lack of sleep triggers cravings, increases risk of stress, and keeps hormones out of whack.

You have hypothyroidism

This condition makes it harder to lose belly fat because it slows metabolism and causes fatigue. You will lose belly fat faster once you treat hypothyroidism.

 You can’t quit packaged foods

Those fat-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods aren’t good for you. They will make you pack belly fat fast. Make sure that 80 percent of your diet comes from unprocessed foods.

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