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5 Reasons Why You Should Go on that Vacation Now

Travelling the world is a big decision. For many, just having to leave the room every morning for a walk or run is a struggle, how much more taking a vacation to travel to another country? It is therefore understandable that some people do not feel comfortable with the idea of travelling.

What you don’t know however is that travelling might be the best way for you to break your thinking pattern and improve your quality of life in the long run . Particularly those thoughts that promote retreating and encourage you to withdraw back to those unhealthy routines. So here are good enough reasons why you should be going out on a trip, tour or vacation:

  1. Leave your comfort zone

The fear of taking risks means a lot of people never truly discover their true selves. Taking it all safe and easy is a recipe for not finding out what exactly makes you tick. You can only discover this if you try.

Travelling has its ways of pushing people into a flurry of what appears to be uncomfortable situations. These situations could be forcing you to make new friends, hanging out with people that have different cultures or lifestyles. You might also end up being forced to navigate your way someplace where no one there speaks your own native language.

  1. Important perspectives from vacation

When out travelling, you venture out into new environments and cultures. Sometimes these places lack the usual amenities and facilities you’re used to and have taken for granted. Travelling exposes you to these things.

The relatively merry life some people enjoy despite prevailing poverty conditions is something you can’t understand just from the TV. You come across people with real stories. A shock from another culture can only affect you positively. You could find yourself being compelled to help, give back and learn to appreciate your own lifestyle when you get back from such trip.

  1. Better physical health

According to a recent article published on New York Times, going on a vacation can be beneficial to your health. It dispels the harmful effects long term stress can have on your heart.

Be you a man or woman, taking a vacation every other year can help you reduce the risk of developing heart attacks or coronary heart diseases. The body doesn’t react well to a lifestyle of stress which is why you should consider going on a vacation too.

  1. Are you really guaranteed old age?

Most times, people postpone travelling and opportunities to see the world. The reasoning is to “build up real lives” and become “responsible adults” first. Others want it to be a retirement experience.

Doing this only further conforms you to the societal norms. Choose to live a wonderful, after all you are not even sure of staying alive till that old age you’re aiming at.

Travelling the world is a good way of buying experience. You would be amazed at how incredible it is to be transformed by your experiences.

  1. Time slows down

Our regular routines do a lot to us. They tend to build firm neurological connections within. Thus, we sometimes find ourselves automating some activities nearly seamlessly.

Like many, you don’t even think of anything else, just work. Your life virtually revolves around your busy schedule. You no longer work for a living, you now live to work. This is unhealthy.

You don’t have to continue this way. Try new things that would allow you continually change your horizon and live new experiences. These experiences help you live in the moment and the moment is all you have.


A lot of Americans fear taking a vacation because of the pile of work they would meet on their return or because they only can fill a certain capacity at their workplace.

Others give the now so boring excuse of not having enough money, even when there are lots of ways to travel on a cheap these days. People now enjoy cheap or free flights with services provided Private Jet Sharing website like Jettly. Many others are ditching hotels and getting cheap but still decent accommodation while on tour.

So, you see, you are inexcusable now. There are lots of benefits to taking a vacation or travelling the world. If you only know half of these benefits, you would have nothing to worry about because it is well worth the trouble.



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