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5 Natural Solutions for Smile Lines, Crow’s Feet, and Eye Wrinkles

As we get older our skin loses elasticity and forms wrinkles. However, taking good care of our skin can lessen the appearance of aging, and keep it naturally beautiful. The ingredients we need to bring youth and vitality to our skin can be found right at home.

1. Oils

The rich fatty acids in coconut oil have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that protect skin from harmful environmental factors that cause damage. These properties fight against free radicals, prevent aging, and help regenerate skin.

Olive oil is hypoallergenic with antioxidants A and E that help repair and firm skin. Used together these natural moisturizers provide a great smelling, nourishing treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Bananas

Bananas are high in potassium. Potassium helps clean and nourish the skin. Fresh banana applied directly to the face will help soothe dry inflammation that leads to an increase in wrinkles. For maximum benefit combine one ripe banana with two teaspoons of honey and mash with a spoon. Apply to the face, letting it sit for 20 minutes, then wipe clean.

3. Superfoods

Superfoods such as almonds and carrots contain nutrients that help produce collagen, tone, and moisturize skin. To make an almond mask, first soak almonds overnight then mash into a paste. Use as a natural scrub or apply to the face for 15 minutes then remove with a warm cloth. Filled with vitamin E and antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, almond paste helps retain younger looking smooth and supple skin.

To make a carrot paste, boil three carrots in water until they are soft enough to be mashed with a spoon. For maximum moisturizing add two teaspoons of honey. Apply to the skin and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

4. Aloe Vera

The gel from a fresh Aloe Vera plant can refresh, hydrate, soothe and heal skin. Its natural healing properties reduce wrinkles by hydrating the skin, repairing damage and increasing the skin’s elasticity. Simply cut a leaf to extract the gel, apply gel to face, and after thirty minutes remove with a warm cloth.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that helps to generate collagen, reverse sun damage, and destroy free radicals that cause aging. Used on its own, lemon is a powerful exfoliant that rids the face of dead skin cells, provides deep cleansing and helps decrease the appearance of blemishes and dark under eye circles. For maximum effect, rub a small amount of lemon juice onto your face twice a day, leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. Lemon juice can also be added to any of the natural remedies listed above to boost their effect.

Seeing the powerful effectiveness of these natural remedies, many cosmetic companies have incorporated these ingredients into their products. These cosmetic creams have proven to be very effective for many at reducing the effects and appearance of aging. If you are looking to create your own skin care regimen, incorporate these natural remedies into your daily or weekly routines.


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