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5 Health Benefits of Traveling

There are so many things to look forward to in travelling, such as visiting all those new places, the excitement and the adrenaline, exotic food, the picture perfect scenes and the treat to your eyes and the mind – they surely are one of the best parts of traveling. But there is more, something more important than everything mentioned before, hidden away in the corners of conversations and like fantastic beasts, they seldom reveal themselves: traveling has big time health benefits!. You might be wondering how those tiresome moments on the road or in the hotel can be beneficial for your health – it is quite natural to think so. If you cannot match the equation, let us see how exactly traveling plays a part up in building up a better health condition.

Traveling Reduces Heart Diseases

Yes it does! Yearlong researches have proven that traveling actually reduces your chances of heart attacks or other heart diseases. After a long period of researching and studying into the matter, the Framingham Heart Study found that people who reject vacation on a regular basis are at a much higher risk of contracting heart diseases. Women who travel twice a year are at lesser heart disease risks and women who do not travel once in every six years or more are eight times more prone towards having heart attacks. On the other hand, the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute sponsored a study consisting of 12000 men for nine years which revealed that men who do not travel are 32 percent more likely to have heart diseases. Wonderful information, isn’t it? You now have all the necessary statistics to do the math. Travel away to your heart’s consent and keep it healthy.

Traveling Treats Stress and Depression

Depression and stress have become one of the major complications of modern day life. The stress at home, work, school and on every different levels of life are increasingly harming our health, and more importantly making us depressed. Yet the good news is, when we see no way at all to get rid of depression and stress, not even through the authorized medications, traveling is the one thing that can actually help. The University of Pittsburgh’s Mind Body Center has conducted a study which found that vacations treat depression by causing positive emotional changes in the mind and it can also lower blood pressure. Another study by Marshfield Clinic stated that women who take vacation less than once in two years are more likely to undergo phases of depression. Not only that traveling removes stress and depression, it makes you feel fresh and new, giving you more serenity and mental peace.

Makes You Positive and Emotionally Strong

Travelling alone makes you discover yourself again, and in ways you did not know exist. Getting away from the mundane surrounding actually boosts the inner strength in you. Taking a break from negativity presents you with a positive vibe so you can get back your drive in life. To add the cherry on top, it improves your performance at work as well. You feel independent, emotionally free, young and fresh. So take a break, travel somewhere, rejuvenate yourself and feel positive.

Improves Sleep Quality

The world out there is competitive. You work for endless hours trying to keep up with the world marching in. As a result, you can hardly get enough sleep, subsequently causing stress and mental imbalance. And as it becomes your routine, you cannot get more sleep even if you want to; some people go through hard times falling asleep resulting in insomnia. The good news is, traveling can help you improve your sleep quality as well. A scientist at Alertness Solutions has conducted a study on a cohort of people, keeping track of their sleep routines before and after they had a vacation. The study found that traveling increased their sleeping time by an average of one hour and their reaction times improved by 80 percent. Hence, travel more, sleep better, and enjoy a peaceful mind.

Traveling Assists Healthy Aging

Studies have shown that traveling helps people to deal with aging problems and assists them in having a healthy aging. Brain Health Center, Inc. reveals by conducting a study that traveling helps to maintain brain health throughout life by exposing the mind to new things and experiences. In another study, Global Coalition on Aging states that activities associated with travels improves the social interaction and makes a positive influence on the mental health of older people. So if you want an exciting and healthy aged life, travel away!

There is nothing quite like traveling. While everything has their pros and cons, traveling mostly has the pros, and it does not even cost much, as you will see if you research a bit into the matter. If you do not want to play with chances of having a sound body and mind, then take a break, go on vacations and obtain every positive thing that traveling has to offer. Live healthy and happy.

Dave Hawthorne is a public health professional living in Scottsdale. He loves to write about healthy living, fitness and nutrition. In his free time he usually goes out for cycling. If you are looking for an exotic travel destination this summer, he recommends Rainbow Mountain Peru.

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