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5 Bathroom Safety Tips For Seniors to Prevent Falls & Injuries

Falls happen to everyone. Sadly, they happen to the older folk – seniors who have lived their life, fought to live, and are plagued by a mounting world of health problems.

The elderly deserve a life of happiness, away from worry and sadness. From fear that they’ll fall and get hurt. In fact, one of the best things you can do is upgrade your bathroom safety. If you ask me, more sites need to dedicate themselves towards helping people keep elders safe.

And the site couldn’t come too soon, either: One in three people die after breaking their hip, according to NIH.

More than 51% of injuries for seniors gets injured in (of all places) bathrooms. One of the most crucial rooms that make or break your home… may just be harming your beloved!

Here are five easy-to-implement steps you can do, today, to make sure that your loved one won’t get hurt in the bathroom.

1. Install Grab Bars

Whether they’re near toilets, just like you see in public restroom stalls (the handicapped ones, anyway) or hanging in the shower itself, grab bars are one of the few essentials you should install in your shower to protect anybody (elderly or otherwise) from falling.

One prime cause of injury in the bathroom is this: some people use towel bars – they’re phenomenal for hanging towels… but that’s it. They were not designed for more weight than a towel or two.

I want you to imagine that you’re an experienced tree climber. Right now, you’re climbing a tree 20ft. high. Would you rest your body weight on the thinnest branch in front of you?

Towel racks/bars are like that thinnest branch: they can hold up only what they’re meant to.

Note: Quality grab bars with slip-resistant “grips” beats the glossy-finished ones. Plus, grab bars make getting in and out of tubs easier than getting the water temp just right!

2. Get A Quality Shower Chair

You’ve seen these time and again, but one thing I always notice missing (from most chairs) is the lack of rubber feet on the legs. Not having rubber feet defeats the purpose of the chair – to ensure your safety during shower time.

3. Lay Down A Rubber Mat

You might have a rubber mat lain down in your tub or shower floor already, which is awesome! But, these things usually have a short life. If the no-slip rubber mat starts to slip under your feet, that’s usually the hint it’s time to get a new one. Right now. Immediately.

4. Medical Alert System

Wearing a waterproof medical alert system with an emergency button..should go without saying. But it does. And it’s crucial in the case of emergency. This alone plays a big part in saving lives and reducing trips to the emergency room.

Especially if you have loved ones who have trouble balancing outside of the bathroom. If your loved one happens to hurt him/herself, and is unfortunately nowhere near a telephone or emergency button… this medical alert necklace is the best chance for getting help, when it happens, wherever it happens.

5. Upgrade Your Lighting

Many elders have poor eyesight – and not just elders, either! Not having every room in your home properly lit, so there are as few shadows as possible, is one of the best things you can do to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

Let’s think about it: the more you’re able to see, the less chance you have for miscalculating something – the more “clear” things are around you.

The advantage LEDs have over CFLs and incandescent bulbs is that it saves energy and lowers your electricity bills, without sacrificing (much) lighting. The Cree 9.5 has 800 lumens and 60W – comparable to most incandescent bulbs.

This is because a good LED colour temperature (called Kelvin) is 5000k, comparable to a bright white Spring sky. Most incandescent bulbs and CFLs are in the lower end 1200-3000 range – those bulbs that make your home appear dark orange.

Getting your hands on a pack of 5000k bulbs will greatly increase the chances of illuminating every room you put them in.

Final Thoughts
In short, bathrooms are incredibly unforgiving, and often take no prisoners. According to ConsumerAffairs, most accidents happen around the toilet (sitting down, standing up), trying to use towel bars and sink tops, shower chairs that aren’t slip-resistant, slippery bathtubs and shower floors – and more. This list isn’t exhausted by any means, but it’s enough for the first steps we all need to take so we can take care of our elders.

We don’t respect our elders enough, these days. When most of them took care of us whenever they needed – when we needed help, they were there. Now it’s our turn to help them help themselves.

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