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4 Ways to Improve the Environmental Health

Earth is your home. Just like your house, it needs taking care of. The best way to do this is by reducing your waste, saving energy, water, and some other things that will be mentioned later.

Now, why you should help Earth and the environment? Well, thanks to too much pollution, a few changes have started to happen. The most notable one is the drastic change in the Earth’s climate. Temperatures have started to oscillate, going from one extreme to the other. This has caused a lot of polar ice to melt and brought about intense weather conditions. For example, there have been a lot of earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms and heavy rains. All of them have caused a lot of damage, both to the environment and the people.

However, even though it seems we’ve lost control of the Earth’s temper, there is still time for us to do something about it. If every other person started going green, they would contribute so much to this cause. This way the environmental health would improve significantly. And, sure, it wouldn’t be instantaneous, but if we don’t start too late, we can get to see some major improvements in the near future.

So, if you are up to the task, here are a few ways to boost the immune system of the Earth.

  1. Do not waste water

Half of the people, if not the majority, leave the water on while brushing their teeth. By changing this habit, i.e. turning off the water, you could save so much. This action doesn’t take a lot of your energy and time, but it would cut your water bill by a nice amount.

Another way to save water is by using it smartly. For example, when you wash your clothes do not turn it only just for a half empty load. Wait for the laundry to stack up, then wash it. With half empty loads you just waste gallons of water, and energy. Moreover, watch yourself in the kitchen. If you are making tea or coffee, for instance, measure the right amount of water in a cup. Pour it in the kettle and boil only that. Do not use more if it is not needed.

Lastly, you might not notice this, but you waste water through your leaky plumbing and taps. Sure, it seems irrelevant since the water isn’t exactly flooding your house, but combine all those small leaks over a month or a year, and the math will show you how much you actually waste. So, call up your plumber and stop this madness.

  1. Pull the plug and turn down the temperature

You might not know this, but turning off things is not enough for saving energy. Not only should you turn off your TV, and any other appliance, but you should pull the plug out of the wall, as well. For example, if you are not watching the TV or using your computer, turn them off. Pull the plug at night or when you go on vacation. There is no need to leave them on when they’re not being used.

Moreover, if you have electric heaters, turn them off at night. You don’t need to have the heating on while you are sleeping. It’s a waste of energy, plus you sleep better in colder rooms. Also, when the heating is on, try not to blast out the temperatures. Instead, put on an extra layer of clothing. Even better, have your house insulated. This would save you a lot of money on your energy bill since the heating and air conditioning wouldn’t have to be on all the time.

One great thing you could do for the good of the environment is to have solar panels built in. They are a great energy source. You could power some of your appliances with them or heat up your water. It is a better and greener way of living.

  1. Get a bicycle

If you want to have a role in cutting down the air pollution, you should get a bike. In case you live in a city, and your work isn’t so far away, you could easily travel to work by bike. Before you start shaking your head in dismissal, hear out the benefits of this mode of transport. First of all, you could get through traffic faster, in case you live in a busy city. You know that in the mornings and afternoons the traffic equals hell.

The streets are full of cars and busses trying to get somewhere. Well, you could get there quicker with a bike. The second benefit of riding a bike is your health. By using it daily, you would get in great shape, and switch a healthier lifestyle. And lastly, bikes are good because they do not emit hazardous gases into air, endangering the environment.

However, if this is out of the question for you, then at least try to use a more efficient car. Maybe, you could buy a hybrid, although they are not in everyone’s price range. Or buy a car that has an eco option, which reduces the use of fuel, and saves you money.

Furthermore, you could ditch the car entirely and settle for public transportation. It would make you drive your car less and less, and save energy. Also, it could be a better option for your wallet.

  1. Recycle and compost

This should be your priority. One way to do it is by recycling your trash. You could get those bins, designated for different materials, and have them processed for future use. Moreover, any organic trash can be turned into compost and used for gardening. And when disposing of the hazardous waste, do it properly by taking it to a company that knows how to deal with it.

This type of waste includes chemicals, light bulbs, batteries, paint, to name but a few. When it comes to batteries, however, you could always buy the rechargeable ones. They will last longer and are more environmentally friendly.

You should also start using reusable packaging. For instance, instead of using plastic bags, choose the ones made of hemp. Alternatively, do not throw away the plastic bag, but use it multiple times. Furthermore, avoid buying bottled water. Make yourself drink the tap water, as it is good for the planet and it is perfectly healthy most of the time. You could filter it if you like, but stay clear of the plastic bottles. They are only good if they could be reused every time you need them. Otherwise, they are just a waste waiting to pollute the earth.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways in which people endanger the planet Earth. With every reckless action we could be adding to the water, air or land pollution. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this, or they do not believe in the claims. If you are a part of this group, then a little bit of research into the topic could change your mind.

Also, you could keep track of your lifestyle – how much waste you produce, how much water and energy you spend, and you will see that the claims are true. For instance, start keeping records by writing everything down and processing the data in a top environmental software. The program will show you how you affect mother nature and your environment. You would see it with your own eyes, and possibly change how you live your life. For example, you could calculate how much water you spend every month or year, or how much energy your house uses.

All in all, let us hope that the rest of the Earth’s population goes green and finally starts taking care of the environment. It would be better for them and for the future generations. Forests, seas, cities, people, and so much more, could be saved and out of harm’s way. More importantly, it is not so difficult to do.

You could start with some of the things on the list here, or something else you might have in mind. Either way, one small step could pave the way for a bigger movement. So, whatever you do, try and make it green. The Earth has given you so much; therefore, it is time to return the favour.

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