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4 Things to Expect During Your First Sexual Encounter

Is first time sex always a great moment? For many people, they would definitely laugh it off because of how naive they were. First time sex is one of the most pathetic moments for any person but as you do it with your partner, you learn new things to spice up the moment. Messing up during your first time is expected and you should not feel so bad about it. As pathetic as it may seem, there is a bunch of people who still make their first time a memorable experience. Their performance is topnotch like someone who is experienced. By following a beginner’s guide on how to have sex, you would make your first time encounter a pleasurable moment.

Below are some of the most common things that majority of the couples experience during their first sex and you should expect them

  • There is likely to be less foreplay that what is recommended.

When you are about to do something for the first time, like jogging, you are likely to stop and stretch. Sex is no different. During sex, one of the major parts of it is the foreplay and if you get this part wrong, you are likely not to have an enjoyable moment. Fine, you may do the foreplay but it may be a short session because in your mind you are anxious to have penetration. You are likely to think that penetration is what sex is all about. This happens during the first time and it is often one of the contributors to a pathetic sex session.

Toe enjoy the session, you should try to be the best you can. You do not need to be crazy about the foreplay but just do whatever that you probably did before you made up your mind to have sex.

  • There some times of the session that you may get turned off.

There are instances that may actually turn you off during the first encounter. For instance when trying to put on the condom. It may seem very simple theoretically during the sexual health classes but doing it for the first time may not be as simple as you may expect. Whoever that would be wearing it, either you or your partner, you may see the struggle and you may offer to help out. The condom may feel to be too small or big and it might even tear out as you try to put it on., during this time, you or your partner may already get turned off thus failure to enjoy the moment. When wearing a condom, you should ensure that you roll it instead of unraveling it.

  • There will be some pain involved

There is usually pain involved during the first sexual intercourse for women and it is actually normal. For you to sustain the pain, you should be communicating with your partner. Do not be afraid to slow the pace if it is painful and uncomfortable for you. You should try to relax your mind because the extent of the pain can actually vary depending with your level of anxiety. Relaxation reduces the friction and pain. Calming your mind also plays a great role in reducing the pain as your thoughts control the body.

  • The moment will be very awkward.

First time sex is probably one of the most awkward situations in a person’s life. This feeling is mutual for both you and your partner. You barely know how to go about it. To get through this, you can both try to laugh it off as it will try to ease the mind and make the situation bearable.

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