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3 Steps of Getting Rid Of Roaches

Almost every household has at some point been a victim of being infested by roaches. Once they invade a homestead and multiply to large numbers thus becoming quite hard to eliminate them. They cause a lot of damage to electronics, books, etc. and still there have been quite a number of cases whereby cockroaches have spread germs and diseases to people by contaminating foods, and the food preparation services thus producing food poisoning bacteria. Finding their nests is quite a hard task and it requires so much dedication as they are mostly located in the floor cracks and wall crevices. You will only see them when they feel hungry and at night when the lights are off.

Presence of a large number of roaches in a homestead is a sign that your house is quite welcoming and with time, they will build their colonies there.  They become a disturbance and at some point, they will come out of their hiding even their broad daylight.

About two years ago, my house was infested with lots of roaches and no matter what I tried to do, they just couldn’t go away. While at the sitting room, I could see them all overand I dint think they would do any harm to my household. It was until one time when I noticed how much harm they had done to my bed and the kitchen fittings that I got really determined on finding ways of how to get rid of roaches. From my research, these are some of the ways that I found how easily I could eliminate and destroy their breeding areas.

  • Identify and inspect the affected areas; inspecting needs you to use tools that would enable you to see areas that would be hard to access. Inspect the kind of damage that has been caused by these roaches. Also, once you identify and know the kind of food stuffs that cockroaches are eating, it is a sign that their nest is just nearby as normally, they build their nest a few meters from their food source. Even after they are believed that they have been fully eliminated, you should continue with the inspection process to ensure that there is no harm posed by roaches that may still be hiding.


  • Reduce the roaches’ movement and hiding places (exclusion); sealing all avenues at ones is not quite possible but this does not lessen the value of exclusion. However little effort it may seem, it goes a long way in eliminating cockroaches. For roaches that move through shared walls such as the German cockroaches, they can be avoided by filling these gaps with silicone sealant or urethane foam. Reducing their hiding places can generally be done through sealing the cracks and other secluded spots where they are known to spend most of their time.


  • Consider sanitation; the best possible way of keeping any type of roaches is maintaining cleanliness at the utmost levels. It is very advisable to ensure that all possible hiding places for these roaches. Sanitation should be carried out in order to remove all food sources that may be available. This aim is not achieved from exclusion alone. As much as sanitation and the exclusion may not guarantee full elimination of these roaches, they go a long way in easing the effectiveness of the eradication of roaches. You should ensure that the dirt and grease are totally removed. In heavily infested areas, it is important to carry out steaming and vacuuming as these are more effective.

If you want to fully eliminate the roaches in your homestead, it is important that you follow the above three steps but most of all, maintain high levels of cleanliness.

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